MSU QB Recruit Bodyslams School Security Guard (Video)


Jayru Campbell  is a four-star 2015 QB out of Detroit’s Cass Tech High School. His is currently committed to play at Michigan State. He can allegedly be seen in the video below in some sort of verbal altercation with a school security guard and then Campbell goes WWE on him and bodyslams him.

Rumors are already circulating that the Spartans are pulling his scholarship offer and you can’t really blame them. That poor security guard probably has to find another job though because every kid will try to punk him now.

There is also another video of him getting into a fight in the handshake line after a game last year. This kid is no stranger to violence it seems like.

Campbell has been charged with assault and battery according to

“Cass Technical High School student Jayru Campbell was arrested yesterday and changed with Assault and Battery based on an incident that took place inside the school at dismissal time. Detroit Public Schools Police Department is investigating and additionally the district’s Student Code of Conduct process will determine the infraction and the appropriate disciplinary actions.”

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  • If the security guard had done that to Jayru then his parents (and everyone else) would be in a uproar and filing charges.

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