Murder Suspect Javaris Crittenton Was Selling Kilos of Coke & Pounds of Weed

Javaris Crittenton mugshot

When you are awaiting trial for murder, it is probably best to keep a low profile, stay out of trouble and don’t do anything that could make your public perception worse than it already is.

Yesterday, we reported how Ex-NBA Javaris Crittenton was arrested on drug charges, but they weren’t just “small” drug charges, he really thought he was Tony Montana.

Officials say Javaris is part of a MASSIVE drug trafficking ring centered in the Atlanta area. 

According to Atlanta District Attorney, Javaris and other suspects are accused of selling “multi-kilo quantities of cocaine and several hundred pounds of marijuana.”

Officials say the drug ring has been operating since at least 2012. 

I get the feeling that Crittenton won’t be out of jail any time soon.