MWP Says Larry Holmes is Bringing Black Community Down


Metta World Peace didn’t appreciate boxing legend Larry Holmes’ most recent comments about Floyd Mayweather when he called him crazy, irresponsible and said he would blow all of his money. According to TMZ the NBA superstar even accused Holmes of “bringing down” the black community by his public criticism of Mayweather.

After reading Larry’s quotes, Metta blasted the guy on Twitter … saying, “Larry Holmes should never call out another product of slave in public.”

Peace explained that Larry should be supportive of Floyd because “our community was not fortunate to have finance savvy parents.” 

“With that said, instead of guys like Larry Holmes bringing down , he should uplift the ghettos.”

Metta continued, “People like Larry should be retrieving lost and burnt Black history in Black History books rather than bringing down Black Legends.”

He concluded … “Support and Love is better than hate. Loving your neighbor is better than War… Written by Metta the Hood Hippie.”

I see where MWP is coming from. Black people should uplift each other more especially in public. Do you agree with MWP or do you think Holmes’ criticism of Mayweather was fair?

3 thoughts on “MWP Says Larry Holmes is Bringing Black Community Down

  • Metta World Peace brought the black community down when he started beating up fans in Detroit ten years ago. The former Ron Artest is a big and tall black man who lost his temper and acted like an out of control idiot on national television! That is what brought down the black community! He played into the stereotype.

  • I haven’t seen all of Holmes comments but he’s allowed to have his opinion, so I don’t have a problem with them (I don’t agree with them). I don’t agree with MWP, Holmes comments is not bringing down the entire black community.

  • Larry Holmes invested his mony and owns damn near half of Easton, Pennsylvannia. He was demonized in his prime as a Black man who spoke his feelings. Metta is supporting bringing Black people down by supporting the kind of arrogant, foolish spending by Floyd Jr. This is a bad example to set to Black youths, and only encouraged the materialistic, and sometimes murderours lifestyle that brings the Black community down. See Vernon Forrest.

    When Floyd is broke, and he was close to bankruptcy before his comeback, is Metta can take care of him $$$?

    Time will proves Holmes correct, and Metta a FOOL.

    Larry is right, Metta. You know nothing about him. Or what you’re talking about in re: to the Black Community.


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