NBA Will Get Rid Of Sleeved Jerseys if Players Complain Enough

sleeeved jersey

The sleeved jerseys in the NBA have been pretty controversial all season long with most fans hating the look. It turned out the players hated them too and when they were polled by B/R one had this to say:

“I don’t think they look good,” an anonymous guard said via text. “Or feel good. But I’ve come to accept that the NBA doesn’t care what we think.”

Well that player can rest a little bit easier because Sal Rocca, the NBA’s executive vice president of global merchandising had this to say about listening to the players:

“If there is sustained, widespread resistance against the sleeved uniforms from players,” Rocca reportedly told Bucher, “they will not be used in the future.”

If Rocca is being truthful, then this line of thinking will be very different from the David Stern regime. I think this would be a great PR move for Adam Silver and company once he takes over.

Just think of all the goodwill he would build up instantly if he gets rid of these jerseys when he takes over.