NBC Producer Snitches on LeBron Flirting With Girl at White House (Photo)

LeBron James shooting at a gun range.

LeBron’s wife Savannah wasn’t at the White House when the Heat visited. No real reason why, she just wasn’t there.

This could have been harmless but a NBC Producer Stacey Klein put this on her Instagram page snitching on The King.

Stacey Klein LeBron James

I think the producer is assuming something sinister, it could have been business related. Now if it was D Wade getting the number that would be something different.

4 thoughts on “NBC Producer Snitches on LeBron Flirting With Girl at White House (Photo)

  • On the one hand LeBron is human like any other man……wonder if Stacey Klein knows everything her hubby does when she’s not around….

    • Stacey will know everything her husband does pretty soon when she is sitting at home unemployed. She doesn’t work for TMZ so this story was really none of her business and not part of her job description. LeBron could make a big stink over this but he seems like a nice guy who would just let her off the hook. If this was Peyton Manning or Drew Brees she would have not assumed anything beyond a business exchange was happening.

  • Dear Stacy Klein: mind your on darn business and you should not be spreading it either…I am personally starting a campaign to get her off…she will not pray on Black Marriages they are an endangered species…..shame…

  • Is she mad that he didn’t ask for her number b/c she sounds a little bitter…

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