Nets Walk Off Court Early During Loss To Spurs (Video)

Brooklyn Nets leave court early in defeat.

As soon as you thought things couldn’t get more embarrassing in Brooklyn, they do. The Nets were spanked by San Antonio yesterday 113-92 and with 0.2 seconds left in the game, majority of the Nets players decided to head to the showers early.

I guess Stan Van Gundy is right by calling the Nets a “bush league organization”.

2 thoughts on “Nets Walk Off Court Early During Loss To Spurs (Video)

  • The billionaire russian oligarch is pissed off! You don’t want to piss off that guy. I heard he has a bad temper just like Putin! Best believe heads will roll, hopefully not literally!

  • Not sure what the story is. The final buzzer went off and they were down 21. The losing by 21 should be a bigger deal.

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