New Cheerios Super Bowl Ad Revisits Biracial Family (Video)

Gracie, Luck


With all the Super Bowl Ads being leaked early, Cheerios did as well. Cheerios had a very controversial ad that caused an uproar last year with the ad of a biracial family. Cheerios shared a commercial featuring a family of mixed race, a black father and white mother with a mixed little girl, some viewers weren’t too happy. Its sad that people are still shocked at biracial families to this day and even worse have hateful comments towards children that are a product of it.

Below is their new ad with the same family and cute little girl, Gracie.

I think the commercials are beautiful and feature what America is… a melting pot. Love has no color whatsoever and people should not be ridiculed for loving someone because they aren’t of the same race. Hopefully this go round Cheerios has a positive response from its viewers.

One thought on “New Cheerios Super Bowl Ad Revisits Biracial Family (Video)

  • What is the one thing that Amerikkka hates more than the loud angry black man(Richard Sherman)? It’s the black man who dates and marries his daughter. That’s why so many people hated this commercial.

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