NFL Considering Re-Seeding Playoffs Based Strictly on Record


I have been bangin this drum for years.

It doesn’t make sense a bad division champion should get a home game over a team with a superior record. Looks like the NFL is coming to their senses about it.

Among the “multiple ways” in which the NFL has examined potential adjustments to the playoff system, spokesman Brian McCarthy said Thursday there has been discussion of letting the team with the superior record host games even if they gain entrance to the postseason as a wild card.

A potential holdup is that some clubs have “raised the concern that reseeding would minimize the value of winning a division; winning a division now means a guaranteed home playoff game.”

I disagree with that last statement, because winning division gets you into the playoffs regardless of record that is why Eagles are in and Cardinals are sitting at home.

It is the fair thing to do.

3 thoughts on “NFL Considering Re-Seeding Playoffs Based Strictly on Record

  • Gotta disagree. If you don’t like playing an inferior team on the road, then you should win your division. It’s not always necessarily fair but it always balances out over time. If the 49ers are a much better team than the Packers then they shouldn’t have a problem beating an inferior team on the road. Personally, I like placing the importance on the division because it does water down the division.

  • This is laughable.
    The Packers are 8-7-1 and are hosting a playoff game.

  • Blah, Blah, Blah, hate whiney fans. Packers went to the superbowl on the road a few yeas back because of the current seeding procedure. STHU! Deal with it. If you’re that good you will get there.

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