NFL Fans Can Expect a Wild and Wooly Finish to This Year’s Super Bowl: Just the Way We Like It!

2014 Superbowl

This year’s Super Bowl certainly has seen the number of online sportsbook software downloads increase dramatically. In fact, the entire industry of price per head bookmaking is buzzing with all of the latest predictions as fans gear up for yet another memorable conflict between two great and proud teams. We can certainly expect the sparks to fly when the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks battle it out in the very near future. While official social media sites are already inundated with fans and predictions, the big question is whether or not this year’s event can live up to the hype that has already been buzzing throughout the NFL and American community. In other words, what can we expect from these two teams this year and is there any way to predict the outcome?

Gladiatorial Combat?

If one has followed any of the most recent news stories, the central theme this year seems to revolve around the simple and yet honourable competition of offense versus defense. In other words, pay per head sportsbook fans are contemplating the possibility of the aggressive Broncos being able to overtake the rock-solid defense of the Seahawks. One of the most interesting facts that surrounds this question has much to do with the war of words that has recently taken place between Peyton Manning and Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. In truth, both men are not at a loss for words when predicting the outcome of the event, but can price per head sportsbook sites make any type of accurate prediction? The fact of the matter is that many feel that the highly touted Super Bowl game will be too close to call. Still, there are a few important variables that we need to consider.

Quarterbacks Battling

There has been much recent speculation in regards to the ability of Peyton Manning to once again lead his team to victory as he had done in the past. Still, there are questions regarding the age of the legendary quarterback; he is currently thirty-seven years old. This is far older than many of the players on the Seahawks’ roster. Additionally, we should not forget that this game will be played in New Jersey. With the recent cold and windy conditions, more than one pay per head bookie sees this as a possible hindrance to Manning’s throwing game.

On the other side of the goal post, quarterback Russell Wilson for the Seahawks seems primed and ready to play although a recently well-publicized fumble against the 49ers has caused some to question as to whether his nerves are up to the challenge. After all, we should not forget that the Seahawks have not yet walked away with a Super Bowl title. This signals that there will be a great deal of pressure placed upon Wilson from the Broncos. This obviously signifies that the defense of the Seahawks needs to be up to the task at protecting what is arguably their most valuable player. Many news outlets are already watching this situation carefully.

Don’t Believe the Hype?

One of the factors that needs to be considered is that the game may be less of a battle between these major personalities as it will be between the offence and defense of both teams. The Broncos are well aware that one of the best ways to beat a team like the Seahawks is through passing the ball, but this may be difficult should weather conditions prove harsh. If this occurs, it may indeed be up to players such as Richard Sherman and the offense of the Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas. These variables will undoubtedly have many sites such as and its price per head sportsbook services alive with all of the latest information and rumors. Still, one of the best ways to ascertain any last-minute predictions may be to stick with major information outlets that are tried and trusted.

Even the most die-hard fans of American college football are certain to take an interest in the hype and excitement that is already encompassing this year’s Super Bowl. Price per head betting circuits will have their hands full as the time draws near and we can only hope that these two rivals can live up to the reputations that have surrounded them up until now.