Nick Foles Grew Up Idolizing Drew Brees


Nick Foles will get to do what so many athletes only dream about.  Foles will duel with his childhood idol in a huge playoff game.

Nick Foles followed Drew Brees at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas.  The two men were 10 years apart, so Foles grew up admiring and wanting to be like the legend that is Drew Brees.

Foles is looking forward to the matchup at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday.  Foles told the Star Ledger that it’s a dream come true.

“You have a role model from the same area who did a lot for his team, winning a state championship in 1996,” Foles said Tuesday at the Eagles practice facility. “That’s something I aspired to do. We played in a state championship in 2006 my senior year and we ended up losing but it’s something we definitely looked to. We are 10 years apart and we both played in the state championship.

“They had a great team back then. He’s was a great quarterback in high school and college and he’s doing a great job in the NFL.”

Foles reportedly has admired and looked up to Brees for as long as he can remember.

“When he’s out there he’s a warrior,” Foles said. “The throws he makes, there are not very many guys who can make the throws he makes. You can just tell with his intensity when he plays the game.

“You can just see his leadership. That’s something I’ve always looked up to him for. He’s a leader. He’s a great guy, a great quarterback both on and off the field he’s a great guy and I respect that about him.”