No Patriots Have Visited Aaron Hernandez in Jail

Rob Gronkowski Refuses to Speak About Aaron Hernandez

Hard to get away for a prison visit during the season, so this is understandable. It was said that Hernandez didn’t have many close friends on the Patriots, so it isn’t surprising no one has visited him.

Plus, I wouldn’t be shocked if players have been advised to stay away from him, the same way they were advised not to speak on the case.

It is like Hernandez never existed.

The New England Patriots don’t give a crap about Aaron Hernandez — at least not enough to visit the guy in jail … ’cause TMZ Sports has learned, not a single one of his former teammates has come to see him in the slammer.

It’s been 8 months since the former star TE got locked up … and sources at the Bristol County jail tell us, exactly ZERO of his “friends” on the team have stopped by to cheer him up.

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  • TMZ “sports” are trying to pour gasoline on the fire. Visiting AH in jail would create an unnecessary media firestorm. Oh wait, that’s what tmz wants.

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