Notre Dame Announces $400M Stadium Expansion


Notre Dame does everything big, so you shouldn’t expect much less from a stadium expansion.

According to the Fighting Irish are about to embark on a $400 million stadium expansion that will include adding thousands of premium seats plus new buildings.

The buildings will house a student center on the west side of campus, the anthropology and psychology departments and a digital media center on the east side and music and sacred music departments on the south side.

The Rev. John Jenkins, called it “the most ambitious building project in the 172-year history of Notre Dame,” saying more space was needed to accommodate the university’s broadening research activity.

“What’s exciting about this project is it brings together athletics, faculty and academics, research and a student center, so it’s an integrated model,” Jenkins said.

Athletic director Jack Swarbrick said mixing athletics, student life and classrooms is what Notre Dame should do.

“It’s such a powerful symbol given what’s going on in college athletics right now, that you can take the stadium and say we believe in the integration of athletics into academics, and here’s the living proof of it,” he said.


One thought on “Notre Dame Announces $400M Stadium Expansion

  • The Wall Street Journal reported that Notre Dame has the second largest athletic budget in college sports. This is not a surprise.

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