NY Times Writer Warns Teams About Mike Vick’s “Dark Past”

Mike Vick, Luck

I have a dog and anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I love my dog very much and she is part of my family.

I don’t condone dog fighting, don’t like people who organize and participate in dog fighting. When Michael Vick was caught funded a dogfighting operation while I thought the sentence was way too harsh considering the crime, I had no problem with him going to jail.

You commit a crime you have to serve the time. But, that is the main thing, he served the time and since he’s been released, he hasn’t gotten into any trouble and has went out of his way to try to correct the mistakes he made.

But, that simply isn’t good enough for some reporters who continually try to make sure he stays unemployed.

Animal lovers everywhere can cheer Vick’s departure from this city. Especially those who have had to watch him play here since 2009, less than three months after he served time in a federal prison for his role in a dogfighting ring.

If the Eagles cut him loose this off-season, teams considering giving him a third chance in the N.F.L. should be required to look past his strong left arm, his nimble feet and his potentially cost-effective upside.

They should remember this: Vick was the mastermind behind his dogfighting operation. He bankrolled it, gave it a home base, encouraged it.

In the backyard of his Virginia home were mass graves of pit bulls that had fought for him or had been torn apart serving as bait dogs in practice sessions. The surviving dogs were found barely alive, beaten, starved, tortured and chained to concrete slabs.

Teams evaluating Vick should think about those horrors before offering him a chance to wear their jersey. They should say, “Can’t we give our fans someone better to cheer for?” Fans should demand someone better.

The NFL is filled with criminals, repeat drug and alcohol offenders, men who beat their wives and girlfriends and in general bad guys. Does Ms. Macur write about all them? Of course she doesn’t, if Ben Roethlisberger is ever on the open market, will she write about his dark past? I highly doubt it.

I am sure Ms. Macur is a fine journalist, but she comes across as incredibly biased and someone who has never committed a mistake in her life.

Not saying you have to like Michael Vick or forgive him, but treat him fairly and she failed to do that.

One thought on “NY Times Writer Warns Teams About Mike Vick’s “Dark Past”

  • Are you kidding? Not treated fairly? This was not an issue of a parking ticket, or even “men who beat their wives and girlfriends” While beating another person is awful, at least a person has an option to seek help. A tortured, confined animal does not. What you are writing here doesn’t ask for fairness, it asks for a blank slate–and that is not something that someone who tortures animals deserves.

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