NYC Penn Station to Turn Into 50-Yard Super Bowl Lounge (Photo)

New York-under-construction-for-superbowl

At the corner of Eighth Avenue and 33rd street, an area right across from Penn Station will turn into a 50-yard Lounge and a nice restaurant will turn into The New York Jets House. This food and lounge area will be setup for football fans during the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

The 50-yard lounge will be selling daily tickets for the nicely arranged space, which will have former NFL players, celebrity chefs and media personalities all under one house, chatting up with all guests. The cost is $400, including all foods and drinks.

In addition to the space, the Jets will turn Lugo Caffe into a Jets House. Jets season ticket-holders and sponsors can hangout there starting Jan. 29.

New York is dazzling itself all up for the grand event. Too bad New Jersey is not quite polishing its areas for the mass amount of visitors.



[ESPN New York]

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  • Fans are hoping that the lounge area comes with heaters.

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