NYPD Name Busted All-Asian Super Bowl Sex Ring ‘Operation Shade of Beige’



Since the NYPD busted a prostitution ring on Wednesday, more information has come up. Well, the ring is more complex, and is structured like a professional, legal running business. They have made millions of dollars with the help of pimps who have created several fake businesses to funnel money in for sex. They would disguise the ring as wig shop businesses or as a limo company.

NY officials say that the high-end prostitution ring was targeting Seahawks and Bronco fans who were coming in for the Super Bowl.

People who looked for sex would pay up to $10k a night, including access to cocaine. The customers would do drugs and the prostitutes would try to figure out ways to get the customers to pay more while they were under the influence.

The NYPD has all of the women in custody after successfully finishing, what they call, “Operation Shade of Beige.”

Be prepared to hear more stories like this during Super Bowl weekend.




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