Panthers’ Ron Rivera Signs 3-Year Extension

Ron Rivera

Carolina Panthers’ head coach, Ron Rivera went from questions swirling about whether he would remain employed through the end of a season following a 1-3 start, to inking a 3-year extension yesterday. The deal is reportedly worth $4-5 million per season.

Owner Jerry Richardson says he plans on continuing to build on the team’s new winning foundation.

“The improvement of our team has been reflected in the progress of the record over the last three seasons under Ron and we look forward to building upon that foundation.”

As we all know, that seat heats up quick and many still are looking a Rivera with a side-eye. After an early playoff exit, anything less than a return to the playoffs and folk will be putting him back on the chopping block.

H/T: Charlotte Observer

One thought on “Panthers’ Ron Rivera Signs 3-Year Extension

  • VERY BAD Decision and I TRULY HOPE Cam leaves after His Contract’s Up Becuz The Ridiculous $$$ They Spent on GABBAGE-Production RBs and NO LEGIT WR outside of Mighty-Mouse was under Ron’s Reign Though (Yuppp…)

    CAM is being asked to do WAY TOO MUCH at a Bargain-Basement PRICE (Rookie-Scale kicked in During His DRAFT YEAR…) Hell CAM led that team in RUSHING YARDS Last Year!!!!! SMDH

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