Pau Gasol Admits Lakers Are One of the Worst Teams in NBA



The 1st step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem. Have to get over the denial first, before things can get better.

Pau has reached that point.

“We are who we are right now,” Pau Gasol said after the Lakers’ 114-105 loss to the Orlando Magic on Friday. “Some nights are better than others but, bottom line, when you lose against the worst teams in the league, you got to ask yourself why and, kind of, what does that make you?”

 “It just seems we can’t seem lock up consistently,” Gasol said. “We do it for spurts. Now every team in the league knows the Lakers are not very good defensively, to say the least.”

The Lakers just don’t have a lot of good players and their best players are hurt.  Glass half full, that Lottery Pick might be in Top 5 at the rate they are currently going.


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