Photo of Kevin Durant Smoking is Tweeted but Quickly Deleted


It’s no secret that OKC Thunder star Kevin Durant likes to smoke hookah, but someone decided to prank Durant in a way that seemingly portrayed him as someone who might also like to smoke other substances according to JocksandStilletoJill. A photo of Durant smoking was tweeted but later deleted, followed by some tweets offering explanations that someone had possibly hacked into Durant’s phone. Durant also says that the hacker was sending crazy text messages to the contacts in his phone and seemed genuinely disgusted that he had been violated in such a way.

Teammate Nick Collison backed Durant’s story by saying that Durant was actually going through security at Denver Airport at the time that the picture was tweeted. Whoever went through the trouble of doing all this obviously isn’t a KD fan, but it would be interesting to know what incited this kind of hate.