Photos of DeSean EX & Bieber’s Driving Buddy Chantel Jeffries


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She’s cute.

She has a modeling career on the side and to my understand she is in school.  DeSean Jackson and her were booed up for a while and she is friend’s with the Beibs.

Nothing wrong with any of that, but don’t get in the car with drunk drivers young lady, you and Beibs could have been hurt and put others in danger.

Chantel Jeffries Justin Beiber

4 thoughts on “Photos of DeSean EX & Bieber’s Driving Buddy Chantel Jeffries

  • She’ll get the job done…….

  • According to Chantel’s Twitter biography, she’s a ‘student, model, eyebrow connoisseur, animal lover, and deep thinker.’

    How deep of a thinker is yet to be understood. But then again she’s good looking (right?) so who really cares? Not you? Certainly not Justin Bieber? And those puffed up razor sharp model cheekbones too….

    Living the conspicuous vacuous lifestyle you only you wish you could too. Kim Kardashian applauds you Chantel…

  • This girl is a h0e, I dont understand why ppl dont call it like it is. Kim K wanna be, dating how many stars and you’re only 19??? Did you see her pic from 2011? Im no hater, not on this chick, but please… If you’re going to be a h0e, dont try calling yourself 20 other different things, cause at the end of the day, you’re still a h0e… Straight like that!

  • I was fb friends with her yea a real attention whore i unfriended her a while back. Cant stand girls like her

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