Photos of Terrell Owens’ Postal Worker Fiance Rachel Snider


Dear lord T.O. get your lady a new camera or an iPhone.

It isn’t that she is ugly, just that no one in 2014 should have selfies that are this bad of quality.

Rachel Snider Terrell Owens 5

We reported how Owens and Snider filed for a marriage license and photos of her engagement ring. Since the news broke, Snider is finding out what it is like to be in the spotlight. She isn’t taking it very well.

Better get her popcorn ready.


  1. Is the owner of this site and his writers trying to clown this lady for working at the Post Office? This really shows how stupid and shallow minded these people are. This is not one thing wrong with having a job at the post office. I guess if she were a white stripper she would be considered a great catch.

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