Raiderettes Get Offer From Penthouse

Raiderettes Penthouse

The Raiderettes are suing the Raiders for $5 million, but if they need something to supplant their income Penthouse has an offer for them according to TMZ.

The Raiderettes has already filed a lawsuit against the team claiming she made less than $5-per-hour … way less than the state mandated minimum wage.  And the U.S. Dept. of Labor is investigating the team. 

Sources connected to the situation tell us … Penthouse is prepared to make a “significant offer” to the women if they’re interested in showing a little skin.  We’re told the mag isn’t pushing for full nudity. 

In a letter sent to the team squad, Penthouse says … “You can even wear your silver and black … or not.”

They should take it.

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  • Ladies, if you take nude photos, they will last FOREVER! If you think I’m lying, ask Vanessa Williams and Jayne Kennedy. Don’t do it. You’re better off getting pregnant by some stupid rich pro athlete.

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