Rams Say They Are Committed to Sam Bradford


Teams lie, so take this with a grain of salt, but if this is true, it is a big mistake in my opinion by the Rams.

I thought they actually played better with Kellen Clemens under center.  With the amount of quality quarterbacks available and the many draft picks the Rams have, they should take one.

But, the Rams GM according to ESPN said Bradford is their guy.


One thought on “Rams Say They Are Committed to Sam Bradford

  • If only black QBs were given the opportunity to succeed like white QBS are. This year was Cam Newton put up or bust year and statistically is having greatest first 3 years for a QB in the history of the game. While Sam Bradford has had a horrible career so far and did I mention he was drafted a full year before Newton. RG3 down year this season doesn’t even compare to every season Sam Bradford has had. What I’m trying to understand is why is that a WHITE QB can be average and just fade away (like Derek Carr). But black QBs how make pro bowls can be 30 years old with no job (Vince Young). Why do Sam Bradford gets a pass for his bust performance career so far when guys like RG3, Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton gets criticized for being average. Why are people so fast to call black QBS a bust?

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