Rangers Derek Holland Says He Hurt His Knee Chasing Dog



The endless saga of bizarre baseball injuries just grows and grows..

Unfortunately for the Rangers, their starting pitcher Derek Holland will miss up to 3 months after tearing cartilage in his left knee. The way he sustained the injury is rather head scratching though. Holland attributes playing around with his dog for the injury via ESPN Dallas:

“He was running up the stairs and clipped me,” Holland said Saturday afternoon. “I hit my knee on the step, and if it wasn’t for me grabbing the rail, I might have fallen all the way down the stairs and cracked my head open.”

Holland was adamant that playing hockey, something he does at times during the offseason, had nothing to do with the injury. He said he played on Monday night, but was fine Tuesday before the accident happened.

“I’m getting tired of the assumption that I hurt myself playing hockey,” Holland said. “I played the full game and was fine.”

It’s understandable why Holland would want to set the record straight, and again given the history of strange injury stories in the sport it’s totally believable.

Rangers expect to have him back sometime mid season after the All Star break.