Report: Cavs Players Growing More Frustrated With Dion Waiters


I once envisioned Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters destroying opposing back courts for the next 10 years.  Sadly, I’m not sure these two will be teammates two more months, let alone a few years.

According to  Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal, Cavs players are tiring of Waiters act, and are growing more frustrated by the day.

Players have quietly grumbled about Waiters’ act off and on all season, and those grumbles were growing louder Sunday night.

As one player put it, stars can get away with the stuff Waiters pulls on occasion, but Waiters hasn’t even established himself yet in this league, let alone carved out star status. …

This isn’t to pile on Waiters or put all the blame on him, but his behavior was the most evident tonight and the whispers from other players growing tired of his act seem to be growing louder. Again, it’s more of a frustration because overall he’s not a bad guy. It would be different if he was causing major strife within the locker room. He’s not. He’s just drawing a lot of eye rolls.

Waiters can come off a bit demonstrative at times, I mean what do you expect, he’s from Philly.  I think we also have to understand that the same pouting and whining that Waiters does, Kyrie Irving does as well.

The point is the Cavaliers will all suffer until Irving and Waiters both grow up.