Report: Coaches Nervous About Taking Redskins Job


The situation in Washington is a mess.

An even bigger mess than the New York Jets, and that takes a lot of messing up.  A perspective coach on the Redskins wishlist really has to look in the mirror, and decide if uprooting a family is worth possibly not having a job in 3 or 4 years anyway.

According to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, coaches interesting in potential openings around the league are nervous and apprehensive the situation in D.C.

 There is a feeling among the agents for a number of the NFL coaching candidates that the candidates are very nervous about coaching in Washington.

They know about Dan Snyder’s reported meddling and that Robert Griffin III became closer to the owner than the head coach. They wonder if that knee will ever totally heal. That organization makes some of the candidates damn skittish.

“A situation where a lot of money is almost guaranteed to come with a lot of headaches,” said one agent.

Another agent said coaches in the running for head coaching jobs have the most questions about two organizations: Washington and Cleveland.

If you’re a veteran coach in the league, taking and losing the Redskins job isn’t necessarily that big of a deal.  To a hot, young up and comer, it could be the difference between their first and last head coaching job.

2 thoughts on “Report: Coaches Nervous About Taking Redskins Job

  • I’ll just give Art Briles total control and be done with it. He is the best option when you sit back and look at the situation.

  • Do your homework before your opinions and bias views look dumb in your column. Jets are not in that big of mess with not too many people to resign, 40 mil in cap space and 8 draft picks their free agents will be resigned, maybe you ment the giants that have far more serious problems but not the jets.

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