Report: Peyton Manning Could Retire After This Season


It’s pure speculation at this point, but anything can definitely happen.

The New York Post is reporting that Peyton Manning could retire at the end of this season, regardless of what happens in Sunday’s AFC Championship game, or the Super Bowl.

During a conference call with the media, John Elway hinted at the fact that Manning could indeed walk away from the game, especially if the Broncos win a ring.

 “You know, I don’t know. I still think he’s young and he’s playing well. That’s going to come down to Peyton. It’s going to come down to what he wants to do.

“We’ll sit down after the season and find out where he is and what his thinking is. But to be where we are right now and talk to him about the future, I don’t think is productive right now.”

Manning himself has dropped hints in recent weeks that his career is definitely coming to and end, but can we really expect a guy who just threw an NFL-record 55 touchdown passes  for 5,477 yards to really retire?

“I can’t imagine him not throwing 55 touchdown passes and 5,400 yards,’’ Elway said. “I guarantee you if I was in his shoes, I would have enjoyed it. I’m sure he is still enjoying it, and he’s on a good football team, which also late in your career, is crucial.

“Having been a football player before, when you leave this game, you want to leave it on your last leg, and try not to leave anything on the table,’’ Elway continued. “Anybody that’s a competitor, that’s kind of the way they want to leave the game. I was just fortunate to be able to be on two great football teams and be able to win world championships (in 1998 and ’99) when my last leg broke.”