Report: Six Ex-NBAers Have Agreed to Join Dennis Rodman in North Korea


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Dennis Rodman must have sumpreme powers of persuasion that we aren’t aware of because I still don’t get how he’s pulling off some of this stuff.

According to Buzz Feed Sports, the former Chicago Bulls forward has enlisted the services of some well-known former NBA players in his quest to help develop the game in North Korea. How? I don’t know.

Dennis Rodman has recruited more former NBA players to join one of his so-called “basketball diplomacy” trips to North Korea, the AP reports.

Kenny Anderson, Cliff Robinson, Vin Baker, Doug Christie, Craig Hodges, and Charles D. Smith will play against “a top North Korean Senior National team” on Jan. 8 to celebrate Kim Jong Un’s birthday. The North Korean leader most recently made headlines for ordering the execution of his uncle and apparent political rival, Jang Song Thaek, last month.

I don’t know what dirt Rodman has on these guys but it must be diabolical for them to agree to this.




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