Report: Texas Hires Charlie Strong As HC


There are reports indicating that Texas has hired Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong to be their next coach.

In my opinion this is the correct move. Strong is a great defensive coach and a great recruiter. He was 37-15 at Louisville and led them to a Sugar Bowl win last year over the Florida Gators.

The interesting this about Strong though is how will he deal with having to deal with the boosters and politics at Texas? There is no doubt in my mind he can coach, but that becomes a job in itself managing all that.


Yahoo’s Pat Forde is reporting that it is not quite a done deal.

*Update 2*

SI is reporting the deal is 5 years/$25 million

2 thoughts on “Report: Texas Hires Charlie Strong As HC

  • Yes, yes and YES! Hook ’em Horns! Beat the Sooners!

  • I wonder if the Charlie Strong hire has to do with the huge success of Kevin Sumlin at Texas A&M. Nevertheless, I love it. Too bad the two Texas teams no longer play each other. Hook ’em Horns and props to the Aggies!

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