Richard Sherman on Peyton Manning: “He throws a lot of ducks”


Richard Sherman has been pretty tame this week which I believe is because of a couple of reasons. First, I think a coach got to him and told him to cool it. Second, I think there are a couple of sides to him which is perfectly fine. He went a little bit towards his Ric Flair side when he was describing Peyton Manning:

“His arm, however, is another story. His passes will be accurate and on time, but he throws ducks.”

Now to be completely fair, I understand what Sherman was trying to say and he is very accurate in his description. Even Peyton agrees:

“I believe it to be true as well. I don’t think that’s a real reach what he’s saying. I’ve thrown a lot of yards and touchdowns with ducks. I’m actually quite proud of it.”

We will see on Sunday if Manning tries to test Sherman with one of his ducks.