Roddy White: “Seahawks DBs have perfected holding”

Roddy White

If you can’t beat em, accuse them of cheating? Roddy White had some things to say about Seattle’s secondary, the “Legion of Boom”:

“These are the toughest guys you are going to face,”Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White said of the Seattle Seahawks’ secondary on NFL Network’s “NFL AM.” “The way that they scheme, the guys that they have out there playing man-to-man coverage. They are all tall, they are all long, they are all lanky guys. They have perfected holding.”

It is so shocking that a WR would have an issue with physical play. This isn’t the first or last time Seattle will hear this but you wouldn’t hear it if the Seahawks weren’t any good.

Either way it’s not a good look for Roddy.

3 thoughts on “Roddy White: “Seahawks DBs have perfected holding”

  • granted it was last year, but he smoked them last year…

  • In so many words all Roddy said was that the Seahawks Secondary are good. why write a negative article about Roddy? just curious

  • Everytime I come I come here, I get to see the worst in journalism… How is this bad for Roddy again, since he told his perspective? I just don’t get it. I’m a Seahawks fan, and I know they hold, the whole least does it– but it doesn’t matter if they don’t call it. I’m blocking this site in my browser.

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