Roger Goodell Believes Flags For Hits Will Be Reviewable



Roger Goodell spoke with Rich Eisen of the NFL Network on a wide range of player safety topics. One of the things that came up was taking a look at reviewing penalties for hits that are actually legal like we see so often on Sundays. The Commissioner believes they will start getting reviewed:

“It’s a big call, obviously,” Goodell said. “We’ve had some mistakes made on the field where a player used the right techniques and the flag was thrown.

“You don’t want that,” Goodell added. “You want to encourage them to make the adjustment, which I think players and coaches have done, and we want to make sure we get it right on the field. I believe that will be a reviewable call. I know the committee is going to study that.”

Goodell is 100% correct on this. You can’t penalize players for making the adjustments by calling the penalty anyway because then they might as well just destroy the opposing player since they will get flagged anyway.

It would be the right move in my opinion to start reviewing these hits.