Roger Goodell Doesn’t See Playoff Reseeding Happening


There has been a lot of talk this season from fans and in the media about whether or not the NFL should reseed playoff teams based on record after the regular season ends. In reality only one person’s opinion matters on this and here is what Roger Goodell had to say about it:

“I don’t think there is momentum for that,” Goodell told former Associated Press White House correspondent Ben Feller in an interview at the 92nd St. Y. “I would probably disagree. There may be momentum in the media, that happens when you see San Francisco going to Green Bay, but one of the premises we start with every season is that your first objective is to win the division. And when you win the division, you should have a home game.”

“We’ve discussed this for decades in the NFL and we believe that’s the right priority,” he said. “And when you do, you should have that home game. I don’t see the owners pushing for a big change in that, and that’s ultimately where it has to come from. I know this has been discussed in the media, but I don’t see that happening.”

I understand that winning your division has to mean something. However, if you shouldn’t be rewarded because you won a bad division at 8-7-1 like Green Bay and get a home game against a 12-4 San Francisco team. Now ironically, Green Bay still lost but that’s not the point.

In the end, if Roger doesn’t want it changed, then it won’t happen but I’m sure he will keep pushing this idea of expanding the playoffs.

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  • If you aren’t going to give a division winner a home game, then what is the reason for having divisions at all?

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