Royce White Says He’s Never Speaking to The Media Again


Royce White to make his debut.

Thank goodness, the world had heard enough from this con-artist.

In an interview with  The Nation, White says he will no longer speak to the media, who really has no interest in speaking with him.

Dave Zirin: Why did you say this was going to be your last sports interview?

Royce White: I just found very, I want to say, not great success working with sports journalists. And not that the journalists individually aren’t good people, but when the story gets back and it gets edited and chopped up…. I’m just getting away from that altogether, because I think I’ve said everything that I could say and this is the last time of me speaking about my situation.

White says that he wants to play in the NBA, but wants all the rules change specifically for him, that isn’t going to happen. Until he decides that he wants to be part of a team and not try to be separated from one, he won’t get another opportunity.


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