Ryan Braun Speaks Out For First Time Since Suspension (Video)

Ryan-Braun come clean


It’s been a long time since Ryan Braun has stepped onto the field.

Since being handed down a 65-game suspension over the summer Braun seemed to fade away into the distance, now he’s speaking out.

An optimistic Braun met the media on Monday, and he spoke candidly on what he expects when he returns. The disgraced face of the Milwaukee Brewers was apologetic, but hopeful nonetheless, saying fans have been ‘supportive’ through his down times. Braun also hopes to come back better than ever, this time the clean way.

Most likely, this is Braun just saving face. He knows full well his reputation is ruined, most likely for good, all he can do is put on a brave face and play ball. The ‘supportive’ fans he spoke of, will scarcely be seen as he embarks to hostile road parks, and even stepping up to the plate in Milwaukee, there’s sure to be a plethora of angry fans.