Ryan Tannehill’s Wife Leaves Assault Rifle In Rental Car (Photo)


Attention all twodels who were ever remotely interested in Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill: his wife Lauren apparently knows how to handle an AR-15 rifle. According to the NY Daily News, Lauren recently rented a Nissan SUV on Jan 4th only to return it a few hours later to exchange it for a new vehicle. However, Lauren left the AR-15 rifle valued at around $2K in the back seat of the vehicle.


A woman rented the SUV a few hours later and became very scared when she saw the weapon. The Broward Sheriff’s office isn’t pressing any charges against Tannehill, since they have verified that it is a legally owned rifle. The moral of this story is that Lauren Tannehill isn’t someone that you would ever want to mess with.

5 thoughts on “Ryan Tannehill’s Wife Leaves Assault Rifle In Rental Car (Photo)

  • If she were black she would have been arrested! That is a fact!

    • please, try again.

      • No, he’s telling the truth. Not to mention you’re supposed to keep a rifle/shotgun in your trunk if you bought it legally. Stop being scared to speak on racial hypocrisy, pussy.

  • Johnny Football’s chick is prettier!

  • Where do you want her to keep that rifle in her lap?? She prob did get off because she is white, but don’t be a complete idiot otherwise.

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