Scout Compares Jadeveon Clowney To Randy Moss


The only thing Jadeveon Clowney has in common with Randy Moss is his height, freakish athletic ability, and southern roots.  With that said, an AFC scout still felt compared to compare Clowney’s entrance to the NFL to that of one Randy Moss almost 16 years ago.

According to CBS Sports, the scout has the same questions about Clowney’s flaws and effort that scouts had about Moss when he was coming out of Marshall.

“He’s a modern day Randy Moss,” said an AFC East scout on Clowney. “J.C. doesn’t have the same type of criminal background as Randy did when he was his age, but the dependence on natural talent and problematic effort concerns are very similar. Difference is, Clowney won’t fall out of the top-seven like Randy did.”

The “effort” concerns don’t exist because his statistics dipped in 2013 compared to last season, but rather because he appeared tentative and fatigued too often during his junior year. Was he playing not to get hurt or are there legitimate effort concerns?

“In high school, he was the best player on the field. Same in the SEC,” the scout added. “But he needs to realize that won’t be the case in the league. If he wants to have a career longer than a few seasons, the kid needs to wake up, add some glass to his diet and understand that it’ll take a lot more work during the week.”

I think until you see Jadeveon Clowney compete at the next level, the answers about his effort and desired won’t be answered.

Clowney as a pro will get paid to play the sports that I think we all know he loves.  Are scouts being lazy or are they actually seeing something that should be a cause for concern?

When questioning why Clowney was gassed, we have to determine was that because Clowney wasn’t in shape, didn’t care or something else.

Did the teams Clowney played against utilize no huddle or some huddle?

Was Clowney gassed because he had three or four guys per play blocking him?

These are the questions that should be asked.

How can you compare Jadeveon Clowney to Moss when Randy Moss was enrolled in three different universities before ever playing a down.

Jadeveon Clowney has never had a run in with the law (besides his speeding tickets).  He’s never been deemed a problem child.

And while we are comparing them, Randy Moss became a surefire Hall of Famer.

I’m sure that took some effort.

3 thoughts on “Scout Compares Jadeveon Clowney To Randy Moss

  • I compared Clowney to Moss yesterday. Clowney is similar to Moss, both are extremely talented, but have no heart and act like male divas. Clowney is going to act like a spoiled brat. Once he gets to the NFL, he is going to get a loud wake up call. Veterans will not tolerate taking plays off and being out of shape.

    • Did Randy Moss get a loud wake up call? Or did he run through the league and become the most explosive WR ever to play the game?

  • Randy Moss did it his way. He played when he wanted to play and when he did he was the best player on the field every game. He was a wild card off the field but a threat to score every time he was thrown at. I still remember him blowing by D backs like they were standing still. He was the best, period. Deal with it.

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