Scout On Johnny Manziel: He’s The Next Brett Favre


Before Brett Favre became the gray bearded, family man, with the legendary statistics, he was the NFL’s version of Allen Iverson at quarterback.

Favre could go out on Sundays and make magic happen anytime he wanted to.  After the games and the field, Favre was a beer drinking, pill popping rock star.

Johnny Manziel can create magic on the gridiron.   Off the field Manziel has been somewhat of a wildcard, and that has scouts and execs a little worried.


According to Jason Cole of the National Football Post, one NFL compared Manziel to Brett Favre, and said expect Manziel to do what he wants.

“He’s Favre,” the scout said. “On Sunday, he’s going to play his (butt) off. The rest of the week, he’s going to do what he wants to do.”

The scout said that was a combination of both great and sometimes bad habits. While Favre was a great player and worked hard at his craft, he also enjoyed having a good time.

“If you tell him not to go drink, he’s not going to listen. He’s going to go drink,” the scout said of Manziel. “If you can tell him not to chase (women). He’s going to chase (women). That’s just who he is and he’s going to do what he wants. I think he’s going to be great, but you’re going to have to deal with him on his terms.”

The same scout predicted before the 2012 draft that Russell Wilson would eventually become an outstanding quarterback.

Johnny Manziel is a beast, a baller, and closest thing you are going to see to Iverson in the NFL.  The team that drafts him will have some headaches off the field.

On Sundays that same team will Houdini to come save them, just like Manziel did here.


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