Seattle Weed Grower Names Powerful Strain “Beast Mode”


In this day and age you’ve actually made it when you get named dropped in a rap song, or you get a strain of marijuana named after you.

Nate Johnson has named a powerful strand of weed “Beast Mode” after star running back Marshawn Lynch.  Marijuana is of course legal in Colorado and Washinton State.

“It’s extremely strong,” said Nate “Diggity” Johnson, owner of the Queen Anne Cannabis Club.

The weed hits you like its namesake, he added. “Marshawn has gears when he’s running and it’s kind of like that. It has a little bit of a slow start and then kicks in.”

The group of growers that produced Beast Mode call themselves Zion Gardens. Johnson explained the growers came up with the name after cultivating a strain that was supposed to be “Girl Scout Cookies.” After harvesting, the growers realized it wasn’t. And when they tried some, according to Johnson, one said, “‘It hit me like Beast Mode.’”