Sergio Martinez: “Miguel Cotto Won’t Last 5 Rounds With Me”


Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez seem headed on a nasty collision course, and Martinez doesn’t think Cotto is prepared for what he’s asking for.

Cotto recently turned down a guaranteed $10 million payday from Canelo Alvarez to challenge Martinez.  According to Bad Left Hook, Martinez is growing tired of Cotto’s outrageous demands.

Martinez via Elisinio Castillo of says Cotto won’t last five rounds with him.

“He should never forget that I’m the champion. He has a lot of demands but I’m the champion. I’ll say it, I don’t think that he’ll last five rounds. I would like to fight Cotto, but he is showing signs that he doesn’t want to (fight), by asking for complicated conditions and he does not respect boxing history. I’m ready to knock Cotto out in five or six rounds and I know I will. He can not resist me. Disrespecting me is a very unfortunate thing. He should not forget that I’m the champion,” Martinez said.

Sergio Martinez needs to understand that Miguel Cotto is the draw here.  I love Martinez as a boxer, but Cotto, not Sergio Martinez is going to fill Madison Square Garden.