SMU BBall Player Had Failing Grade Changed in HS

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According to CBS Sports, SMU freshman Keith Frazier did not have the grades to graduate from Kimball High School; but due to his athletic status, his failing grades were changed to passing. If you’re from Dallas or know anything about the Dallas Independent School District, news like this shouldn’t surprise you at all. These schools are notoriously known for cheating for their athletes and giving passing grades that were not earned.

According to a DISD audit report obtained by WFAA, Frazier was behind in, or failing, at least three classes in the final days of school in 2013. The report also found that Frazier did not have the necessary class hours to graduate.

His NCAA eligibility was in jeopardy, investigators said.

On May 29, a week after the final days of class for seniors, Frazier’s “failing” grade in physics was mysteriously changed to “passing,” the report states.

According to the report, Kimball soccer coach and teacher’s assistant Demarco King improperly pressured Frazier’s physics teacher to change Frazier’s grade. When the teacher refused, King admitted to investigators that he changed the grade himself.

The question yet to be answered is if SMU had any knowledge of Frazier’s academic issues or grade change. They have yet to release a statement.