Snow Forces NFL to Paint Super Bowl End Zones Under Tents (Photo)


When the NFL announced that Super Bowl XLVIII was to be played at MetLife Stadium in New York (technically New Jersey), everyone chuckled at the ridiculous notion of trying to play a football game of such importance in the open air of the Northeast smack dab in the middle of Winter. Well, needless to saying Winter isn’t disappointing anyone. The recent blizzard in the Northeast is already starting to take its toll on the Super Bowl according to NFL PR Guy Brian McCarthy. McCarthy tweeted a picture which shows the NFL painting the end zones for the upcoming game, but because of the recent blizzard, they have to do so under huge tents.

Fans seem to have mixed feelings about the game being held in an open stadium in the middle of a brutal winter. Either way commissioner Goodell did say that the football is a game meant to be played in the elements according to the NY Daily News, so he’s getting exactly what he was hoping for.