Stripper Raised $230 on Kickstarter for Vick Tell-All Book That Might Not Exist

Bella Escritor

There are levels to catfishing and I am starting to think Bella Escritor is catfishing the world. Last week, we brought you the story about how Bella was about to release this tell-all book about Michael Vick.

A couple of things, I do believe at some point she knew Michael Vick and maybe even slept with Michael Vick, but not surprisingly the mountain of evidence of a 10 year relationship has never materialized. All she has are some letters and a lot of talk.

No publishing houses wanted to touch her book because according to The Big Lead they were afraid they would be sued for libel. When she tried to raise the money on Kickstarter she only got $230 of the $22k that she wanted, but here is the kicker no pun intended.


I don’t think a book actually exists.

She says you can buy it on her website, but when you go to the site, there is no link to buy, no Paypal, no Amazon account, No Google shopping cart and no photos of an actual book. Is it possible that Bella is just scamming everyone for some attention or ever crazier was she trying to fraudulently trying to hustle money from people?

A publicist for Vick said the quarterback would not comment on the book, but said, “Throughout Michael’s career, a lot of people have tried to make money off his name. This is another example of that.”

I doubt you ever see an actual book published.  She has no publisher and from what I can see no intentions of publishing a book.

Catfish is real people, don’t be fooled.

2 thoughts on “Stripper Raised $230 on Kickstarter for Vick Tell-All Book That Might Not Exist

  • Interesting theory but I can confirm that the book actually DOES exist. Orders are being filled from the web site and sales are happening throughout Atlanta. Send me your address and I’ll mail you a copy personally, if you want. The next book release party will be help in Atlanta on Super Bowl Sunday. I invite you to come check us out if you are in the area. Anyone else interested in attending can RSVP me or Bella.

  • Wow a book on how this chick banged Vick for 10 years…..smh….like I need to read that shyt……..#bullshyt

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