Stripper Says Brandon Spikes Made Her Pay for Her Food on $200 Date


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It is such a long story, I am just going to let SkrawBerry tell it. Her name might sound familiar because she gave reports on a horrible stripping accident a while ago to a colleague, who thankfully survived. Also she might have thrown Teyana Taylor out of a plate glass window over Willis McGahee, but that was a never quite confirmed. Seems like a nice young lady, here is her story as told on her Twitter account (I didn’t change any of the wording, so it is exactly in her words).

So let me tell y’all a story. So I met this dude on twitter right And we texted back and forth a few times (I wasn’t feeling him), why not?

Well first of all, I asked him was he catfish and he sent me dick lips. He texted me. I made excuses and different reasons why I couldn’t see him or whatever. Then he started makin me feel bad so I was like whatever.

black sports online brandon spikes

So once I felt bad about not meeting him and I lied and told him that “I wanna see you”. Why I said that?

That n**** was a facade. So I peeped that he was a petty ass n***! Just from him appearance alone But whatever I stayed at this steakhouse that I’ve never been to.

Their menu is looking rather scrumptious! So now I want a steak. Ok so y’all know me… I’m SKRAW… & if I want a steak. Imma get steak!


So now the bartender ask to take out menus cause he ordered the oysters & our drinks…. I’m like “naw imma keep mine”.

His eyes got so big like….

So I order me a 8oz filet medium well butterflied & a side of truffled Mac. The Mac& Cheese was alright but I couldn’t eat a lot because he kept takin over it. His breath was bad and then you gonna talk over my food with bad breath? Don’t y’all know when the bill came, it was $279. This n**** said “where your card”?

I think his breath was bad cause either he got a bad tooth or a bad liver.

He said somebody DMd him and told him something about me! Lol. Then he said he ain’t want to get sprayed! “Well don’t try me sir”.

Brandon Spikes why you made me pay for my own food?  Before the bill came out, he went to the bathroom. I was like “I ain’t payin for his sh*t” I thought he was sneaking out.

A real b*tch salty. That has NEVER happened to me. Football Avis & verified accounts will fool a b*tch like me.

Like y’all ain’t never been around somebody who’s breath you couldn’t take & had to deal with it. I peeped the play when he looked all crazy after I asked to keep the menu., so I knew he was petty. I didn’t cause a scene. I just made the bartender split my bill. And we walked out, I waited on my car and left. No biggie.

I ain’t no broke hoe.

There is more to the story, you can read on Skraw’s twitter account. Funny stuff, that was some expensive Mac & Cheese. I am going to stick to Popeye’s for my dates.

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