Super Bowl Strippers Plotting to Take Advantage of Dollarnaire Men (Video)


The entire stripping industry is a cat and mouse game.

Time for a short story, the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Many years ago, myself and a group of friends went to Vegas. One of my friends had never been and I don’t think he had been to any big city like that before.

When we get to Vegas the woman who is driving us to our hotel warns us about the trappings of Vegas, but my friend just ignored her because as he put it he was a “STL Pimp”.

We go to the strip club, the Younger version of myself while maybe a little more brash and unfiltered still had dollarnaire principles and one of those principles was it doesn’t make sense to me to spend money of a woman for 15 minutes of her time. It was bad enough we pay to get into the club (I’d never pay to get into any club these days), but my friend “STL PIMP” decided that he was going to make a stripper fall in love with him (those were his exact words).

So, of course the stripper (who was very attractive I might add) comes over, immediately realizes I don’t have any money, moves on to my friend STL Pimp. She gives him a “free dance” which was quite impressive, then asks him if he wants a private dance “upstairs”.

He goes “upstairs” and 30 minutes later he comes back with his blank look on his face. I ask him what is the matter and he says….

“I just blew $500”

So you may ask how can one blow $500 on a stripper in 30 minutes and not be James Harden, well here was my friend breakdown.

It was $100 just to go upstairs, $50 for the doorman upstairs (still never understood that), $150 for the 1st 3 lap dances, $150 for the next 2 lap dances and $50 tip.

Oh and she disappeared right after the 30 mins and the doorman said he had to go. Now, if you have millions not that big of deal, but alas STL Pimp only brought $1000 for the trip and half was gone within 6 hours of us being there.

So just remember that when you ready to ball so hard in the NYC. Comedian Artie Lange is trying to warn you.

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  • LOL…Damn…your boy “STL Pimp” might as well had the word “SUCKER” written on his forehead……

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