Teenager Fired For Wearing Broncos Jersey To Work in Seattle

nathaniel wentz

It’s hard out here for a Broncos fan living in Seattle these days. Nathaneil Wentz says he was fired from his job at Odyssey 1, a family entertainment center in Tacoma, Washington for representing his Broncos at work. According to 9News in Colorado:

He says the manager at the Odyssey 1 family entertainment center in Tacoma invited employees to wear jerseys to work on game day to show off their team spirit. Apparently, however, he only meant Seahawks jerseys.

“I thought, wow. Really?” said the elder Wentz.

The father says he asked to talk to the owner, who didn’t call back, so Nathaniel stayed home. The next day he found out he had been fired.

“It was all about you can’t. You can’t represent your team. There’s something wrong with that,” said Nathaniel.

According to state law employers have the right to terminate you for no cause. However, this is pretty much the definition of petty. This is a really tough break for Nathaniel but on the bright side he gets to watch his team in the Super Bowl.

Hopefully the Broncos hear about this and send him a Super Bowl shirt or something.