Terrell Owens To Marry Postal Worker From Texas

Terrell Owens Blue

Terrell Owens may finally get a ring, but it’s not the kind you think.

According to TMZ, the semi-retired football star is planning to tie the knot with a 33 year old cutie from Texas named Rachel Snider.  Owens won’t have to worry about all the bills because Ms. Rachel has a very good job as a postal worker.


We know … the 40-year-old wide receiver has obtained a marriage license in L.A. which shows he’s planning to get hitched to Rachel Snider, a 33-year-old postal worker from Texas.

FYI — Snider is NOT one of Terrell’s FOUR baby mamas. As far as we know, they have no children together.

It’s unclear how the two met … but here’s a shocker, it WASN’T on T.O.’s old VH1 reality show, which documented his (unsuccessful) search for the perfect mate.

They reportedly have been hush, hush about the planned nuptials.  The marriage license expires in April.


3 thoughts on “Terrell Owens To Marry Postal Worker From Texas

  • Trashy.

  • Typical of T.O. and men like him. Never bothered to marry either of the 4 black women he got pregnant but quick to marry this person.

  • @Fwilds. That’s a pretty sexist comment. Maybe the women he had children with didn’t want to marry him.

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