Texas Booster Red McCombs Calls Charlie Strong Hire a Kick in the Face


Charlie Strong

Longtime Texas booster Red McCombs is not happy about Charlie Strong being named the the new head coach of the University of Texas, calling it a “kick in the face” during a radio interview according to ESPN.

“I think the whole thing is a bit sideways,” McCombs said of the selection process during an interview with ESPN 1250 San Antonio. “I don’t have any doubt that Charlie is a fine coach. I think he would make a great position coach, maybe a coordinator.

“But I don’t believe [he belongs at] what should be one of the three most powerful university programs in the world right now at UT-Austin. I don’t think it adds up.”

McComb, who is the former owner of the Denver Nuggets, San Antonio Spurs and Minnesota Vikings publicly lobbied for the university to hire former NFL coach and ESPN analyst Jon Gruden and said he was stunned when he found out Texas hired Charlie Strong as their new head coach.

“I think it is a kick in the face,” McCombs said. “Beyond the fact of what actually happened. We have boosters that have a lot of knowledge about the game. When we decided to go get Mack — from the time we decided to go get Mack to about 30 hours later to have a press conference here and it was done — we had a lot of input before we went after him.”

“So I don’t know what the big rush was. I was kind of pleased that [Texas athletic director Steve] Patterson already said that he’d like to get it done in the middle of January. That seemed logical to me. I’m a team player, but I think they went about it wrong and made the selection wrong.”

The school of business is named after McCombs and there is a statue of him inside Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. The benefactor has donated over $110 million to the university so I understand why he’s mad. He feels like his opinion was undermined. At this point the only thing Charlie Strong can do to shut his critics up is win and bring Texas back to the glory days when it was one of the top schools in the nation.


  1. @nba is fixed but when them Bucs players got old and Tony Dungy personnel completely left he was horrible and proved he wasn’t a great or could build his own stable franchise. That’s why Lovie Smith is there now trying to build back what Gruden destroyed.

  2. This is just another incident in a long line of incidents doubting the ability of an African-American. People such as this booster don’t bother to acknowledge that African-Americans have the same “God-given” abilities as anyone else. Most likely because they don’t “know” God. For people such as this, money tends to be their “god”. Prayers will go up for Charlie Strong and his success with the Texas football program. Everything will be fine. This too shall pass!

  3. This is another example of how African American people get very little support.
    Instead of this rich booster using this hire as an opportunity to assist
    minorities his same Jim Crow mentality comes shining through.
    He his just a racist plan and simple. And even if Charlie wins a national title he will
    never support him. I’m sure Red’s ancestor’s were slave owners.
    So his mind cannot see a man of color as a true leader. But African Americans have always been leaders. Well, Coach strong helped many white coaches win in the SEC. He will show the world that he does belong amongst the best.

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