Texas Fans Selling ‘Black is The New Brown’ Shirt (Photo)


I don’t know why a Texas fan thought this was a good idea but it looks like they are selling a “black is the new brown” shirt.

Get it, their new coach is black and their old coach’s last name was Brown? Terrible joke Longhorns fan.

The shirt is has been pulled from Etsy.

(h/t Mark Ennis)

5 thoughts on “Texas Fans Selling ‘Black is The New Brown’ Shirt (Photo)

  • Blatant racism in the south! Can you imagine what kind of t-shirt Longhorns fans will make if Charlie Strong doesn’t perform to expectations?

  • Serious Question… Can HE #CharlieStrong file a LAW-SUIT for Them Unlawfully using HIS IMAGE (HIS FACE…) on These T-Shirts which are clearly FOR PROFIT Though?!!?

  • OK I read the LAST LINE.. NVM #TheyProbablyGotThatMEMO LOLOL

  • Please do not judge Texas and the entire south by this ONE individual Etsy seller. Obviously, the shirt was in poor taste, and the listing has been pulled. Texas welcomes Coach Strong. Hook ‘Em, Horns!

  • Your website is “blacksports online” and this t-shirt is racist?

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