The Price of the College Football Title Tickets might Surprise You

2015 College Football Title Game Tickets

If you are looking to purchase a premium ticket for the first college football title game under the new playoff system, good luck because the cheapest tickets are selling now for about $2,000.

The cheapest premium ticket, posted by ticket and hospitality companies PrimeSports and Colonnade Group, for the 2015 title game in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas is $1,899.

The most expensive ticket is a suite between the 20-yard lines that costs $3,899 each.

However, 1,000 tickets for the title game will be made available by a random drawing to fans who submit their names between Jan. 13 and May 1. Five hundred followers will be notified that they are allowed to purchase two tickets at face value.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


2 thoughts on “The Price of the College Football Title Tickets might Surprise You

  • They are charging Super Bowl prices for the college football final game? No wonder they got rid of the BCS. How much of that money is going to the college football players who are playing the game? The answer is ZERO!

  • College sports, a multi-billion dollar a year business in which the main attraction, the student athletes, do not get paid. College sports is a bigger hustle than selling cigarettes.

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