Thibodeau Says Bulls Aren’t MEDIOCRE & He’s Proud of Them

NBA: Playoffs-Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are having a pretty average season. Owner Jerry Reinsdorf said the team was mediocre in a recent interview with WGN in Chicago as well. Just don’t tell Head Coach Tom Thibodeau that. From Nick Friedell:

“Jerry owns the team so he’s entitled to say whatever he wants,” Thibodeau said Wednesday. “If that’s the way he feels … and the way I feel about our team is this: It’s that I’m really proud of them and we can do even better. So I’m not selling them short.”

That was probably the nicest way possible to disagree with your boss in public but Tom has earned that right based on his performance since he has been there.

That all doesn’t change the fact that the Owner actually is right in this case.